History of Resist-A-Ball®

The stability ball was originally designed for use in the rehabilitation of patients with neurological disorders and spinal injuries. Resist-A-Ball® crossed over into the fitness arena and has become a "must have" piece of training equipment for nearly every personal trainer and fitness professional.

Mike and Stephanie Morris rolled out the Resist-A-Ball® program to the fitness industry at the IDEA World Fitness Conference in New Orleans, U.S.A. in 1993.

Just one year prior to the conference, Mike learned about the stability ball while attending a personal training certification course led by Tom Purvis, a physical therapist and former head trainer for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Mike returned home excited about working with this new exercise ball, but quickly realized that little information was available for stability ball training in the fitness industry. With Mike's expertise in strength training and Stephanie's background in dance exercise and choreography, they introduced the stability balls into their personal training and group exercise workouts. After establishing its popularity and effectiveness with the public, the first educational manual for Resist-A-Ball® training was written. Today Resist-A-Ball® education and training products can be found in many health clubs and homes throughout the world.

In October 2008, Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. added the Resist-A-Ball® line of products to its growing family of brands, including Spinning®, Peak Pilates® and Bodyblade®. The addition of Resist-A-Ball® aligned perfectly with Mad Dogg Athletics stable of world-class equipment and education.

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